Dear Factorians,

Based on the press conference last week, we made some new measurements for the practice and matches. Matches will not be continued for the next couple of weeks and the dressing rooms are closed again.

Practice may continue with the new measurements (in collaboration with the USC):

  • The pitch will be divided in 4 quarters with routes for the trainer/coach. Each team will have 2 quarters available for their practice.
  • In 1 quarter a maximum of 4 players is allowed with a distance of 1,5 meters between the players. This means that a team can practice with 8 players at the same time.
  • This group of 4 players is not allowed to enter other quarters, so they have to stay in their own quarter.
  • The trainer can move across the routes set out on the pitch and may not enter the quarters where the players are practicing.
  • A group of 4 players may not be changed. This means that a group of 4 players practices with the same group for next couple of weeks. The different groups are expected to differ from each other. That is why 1 group is asked to train with vests.
  • It is important that the entrance (club canteen side) is used to enter the pitch and the exit (between dug-outs) is used to exit the pitch.
  • There is no 15 minutes change between practices so it is important to value to the timeslots.

We, as board, advise teams (who practice 1 time a week) to change players after 45 minutes. This way, it is possible for 16 players to train 45 minutes. So, the first 45 minutes 8 players can practice and the other 45 minutes 8 different players can practice. We advise this because no contact is allowed during training and a training without physical contact can be boring. In the Rinus app (available in the app store) from the knvb are examples of exercises you can do at 1,5 meters distance.
Trainers of teams (who practice 2 times a week) can decided whether they want to change between 45 minutes or to let 8 players come to the first training and let 8 different players come to the second training.

A lot of new measurements but we are happy that we are still available to practice! For questions or to criticize my English you can always contact us.

Yours sincerely,

LVV Football Factory Board