LVV Football Factory 

Men’s Saturday 1&2


Training schedule

Every Tuesday from 21:00-22:30 and Thursday from 18:30-21:00

Football Factory 1 and 2 play respectively in the 4th division and 4th reserve division. Both teams play their matches on Saturday.

About this team

Saturday Selection

The Saturday Selection of Football Factory is a team with fun on and off the pitch. Every week, this team goes on the pitch to fight against other first teams in the area for the glory of the Leiden students!

The Team

Coach: Pieter van Schie

Assistant: Roel Gielkens

Sohrab Safi
#5 (C)
Gijs Minnema
Pieter Maat
Thijs de Jong
Floris Hooghiemstra
Phaedon den Broeder
Jelle Kremers
Brian Thong
Younes Seghrouchni
Leoluca Antonio de Reburtis
Tim Correia
Lu da Silva Martins
Li da Silva Martins
David Veathier
Mark Voskamp
Jacopo Giuliodori
Giovanni Arnaboldi
Kai McDermott

Want to join our club?

If you are a student looking for a new football club in one of the most beautiful cities in The Netherlands, then you are right where you are supposed to be. At Football Factory we value quality football. When we are not on the pitch, we organize activities for the whole club like a FIFA tournament, an ‘’oliebollen’’ tournament, the Factorian Weekend, and the China Tournament (in which universities from all over the world participate). Not convinced yet? Then, contact us via email and try to participate in a training in one of our teams. Be our next Factorian!

Do you prefer to play in The Hague? Go for information about our The Hague club to